How 16 Proof Alcohol Ice Cream Booze Cream was born

Updated: Apr 9

Who wants Tequila Margarita 16 proof ice cream? Or Bourbon Vanilla, or Mojito, or Lemon drop, Appletini? Who wants 16 proof of alcohol ice cream? Yay!

16 Proof Alcohol Ice Cream

Having been a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain for many years, I couldn’t believe that no one had ever done a show about an alcohol connoisseur traveling around the world drinking. Yes, a guy traveling around the world drinking! But it’s not about getting smashed, it’s all about the drinks, the different cultures and people that surround them.

So we came up with the concept of a guy traveling around the world drinking and BOOZE TRAVELER was born on Travel Channel. For the next four years, we became world-class Booze Travelers enjoying  "boozy" adventures all around the globe.

We learned about drinks like Thailand’s Wop, a fruit-flavored “slushie” with a homemade Whisky, and Oahu's fermented-pineapple drink Oke Lahow, in Hawaii.  Others dare you not to gag from the thought of them. Take the Back-Alley Menstruation Whisky in Bangkok or the Tiger Penis Vodka in Laos (yeah, it is just that).  These drinks ultimately tell a story about the culture to which they belong.

Four years later when we returned back home,  now what? Oh here's an idea, let’s create a new alcohol drink,  but not the same old swill. Let’s create something cool, trendy, different, and voila BOOZE CREAM  “alcohol ice cream” was born. From Lemon Drops to Cosmos, to world-class drinks like Cuban mojitos, Mexican Margaritas, to French Champagne, to specialty batches such Guava Jalapeno or Japanese Matcha Sake. There are so many flavors, so little time.

Having an extensive alcohol pedigree being the original creator and one of the executive producers of BOOZE TRAVELER on Travel Channel which aired for four seasons and was syndicated worldwide, I joined forces with Jose Iorio, a mastermind of creativity and world-class marketing and we began producing samples of this fabulous 16 proof alcohol ice cream in Los Angeles back in 2019.

We have nine decadent introductory flavors in Las Vegas, Nevada and want to take this amazing project to the next level: NATIONWIDE, all around the U.S.  We want everyone to be able to have access to this fabulous amazing 16 proof alcohol organic non-GMO ice cream: East Coast, the South, the Midwest and for this to be possible we need your help. We are also working on a vegan line of alcohol ice cream. 

BOOZE CREAM is an organic, handcrafted gourmet super-premium ice cream made with fresh in-house high-quality ingredients mixed with premium alcohol. We use hormone-free, kosher, California milk and add in all-natural flavorings and scratch-made mix-ins. We don’t use any artificial stabilizers, sweeteners, additives, gums or thickeners in our products.


BOOZE CREAM isn't stopping here. We are well on our way to producing an entirely vegan collection for all ice-cream lovers out there! We here at BOOZE CREAM know how excited you are for these flavors. Keep your eyes peeled and spoon ready for new flavors with organic and ethically sourced ingredients that will make even dairy lovers out there turn to vegan flavors for fun!  We are dedicated to continuing delivery premium quality ice-cream, and our vegan ice creams will make for an unforgettable experience! 

Welcome to BOOZE CREAM

...the most refreshing cheers you'll ever say!

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