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The Full Story

From the creators of 
BOOZE TRAVELER on Travel Channel

Why alcohol? Why not?

BOOZE CREAM is born from BOOZE TRAVELING around the world for four years…

BOOZE CREAM was born from our travels around the world through the lens of booze.

Learning what people drink, whether sipping backyard pineapple moonshine at a luau in Hawaii or sampling home-brewed beer with Sherpas at the base of Mt. Everest.

Drinking isn't about getting hammered.  It's about taking time out from life to bond with people over a couple of drinks and now over a couple of scoops of alcohol ice cream.

We make 16-proof vegan alcohol ice cream using only fresh, high-quality, organic, and hand-crafted ingredients.


We add premium alcohol, all-natural flavorings, and scratch-made mix-ins to create a gourmet and super-premium product.


Our ice cream contains no artificial stabilizers, sweeteners, additives, gums, or thickeners. 

You can also enjoy all our virgin flavors.

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